Friday, August 8, 2014

Holistic Abundance: Making a Living and a Life Through Your Creativity and Authenticity

There is such an illusion in American culture, in particular, that equates abundance and fulfillment with money only.

Notice I said "money only" not "money." While money is essential to our well being as humans, how we generate that money is just as essential, to move from survival to thriving on this planet.

As a person who facilitates and witnesses so many people's stories, I know for sure that access to money alone, whether through a trust fund or undesirable job, does not equate true abundance.

Making money as a form of payment for doing what we love and sharing our gifts in the world, is another story.

True abundance comes from so many factors: sharing our gifts, loving ourselves, being in service, expressing ourselves authentically and having deep connection with each other and our communities. This holistic abundance will take as many unique tones and expressions as human's on the planet.

Like so many of us, I was a child born in the sixties who came of age in the early eighties. I not come from a family of artists, with the exception of a great grandmother, who was a painter, and died long before I was born. My family were appreciators of art, in other words, audience members. Art was valued, but was also seen as something for "other people." Something wonderful and slightly mysterious, but not for us.

When my propensity towards theater began to grow in early adolescence into an earnest career destination, the family misgivings were loud and clear.

"You will never make a living in theater"

"You better take computer classes as a minor"

"New York is dangerous. Actresses are a dime a dozen"

"You promised your grandfather you'd go to law school"

"It's not a real job, there is nothing you can do with a theater degree"

These messages were not enough to entirely stop me from pursuing my path. I will say, that as long as they were in my head, they did slow me down.

However, whenever I tried to take on any other kind of vocation, I was miserable. When I was connected to theater and later, storytelling and writing, I was happy. Joyful actually and what money I  did make from my true calling felt wonderful, like a natural part of the whole.

I was thirty six before I finally started to make a living off my authentic work. By the time I started putting it out publicly, it had had a chance to grow and morph into something that truly reflected my passions, my talents and my unique way of expressing myself in the world.

And, I too had a chance to grow, emotionally and spiritually through many process's that allowed me to create from a place that was organic to who I am, in my essence as a human being.

Over time, I created amazing my from a deep well inside me along with supporting many others in the expression of their stories, books and solo shows. People had amazing transformations and I was learning from everyone I worked with for a very long time. I knew I was on my true career path. I have  intimately taken ownership of my creativity for a long time.

For years though, I continued to struggle with making enough money to go beyond living only from month to month. I also felt hopeless for a long time in the area of creating a personal relationship with a loving partner that could go the distance.

Part of my own path to creating a truly abundant life, was to continue to embrace various healing modalities that would allow me to release any pattern of limitation.

About three years ago, everything began to come together for me, deeper than before ,in ways that were both miraculous and swift. As I released more levels of family programming, fear and doubt, I manifested the missing pieces to my own abundant life.

I recently turned fifty. I was able to look back in wonder and awe that I had actually come to embody a life that felt out of reach for so long. My creativity continues to deepen, my clients are working on higher levels of creative consciousness, my daughter is thriving and launched for her senior year in high school abroad and I have finally have been in a loving partnership for the last few years.


And what I know now is that devotion to the deep path of abundance involves a level of fierceness and tenacity over time that must be lived. It is not enough to visualize, go to therapy or 12-step meetings. It is not enough to work through The Artists Way, though any and all of these things can be steps along the path. That will help you feel some movement, but without a deep sense of wholeness in yourself, you may still feel frustrated by experiencing "Abundance Lite" This is the state of having money, but no personal power in your primary relationship. Or a loving relationship, but still having a job that pays the bills, but does not allow you self-expression In other words, something essential to your well-being is awry and you do not know how to shift.

If you truly want to step into your authentic abundant life, I have created this upcoming retreat with my friend and healer/coach Robin Duda to support you in making the necessary breakthroughs.

It takes courage, tenacity and a ruggedness of spirit to have the courage to once and for all create our lives in a way that matches our deepest desires.

If you feel moved and inspired, please check out this link:

Come and embrace your abundant life and receive the tools to finally create what you really desire. Go for the breakthrough~

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